You’ve been keeping your sofa in the wrong place!

What do you call a sophisticated long upholstered seat with both arms and back? Sofas they are! They’ve been a part of our living room for a long time now, it’s about time to identify the perfect spot for the sofa set. To optimize the space and retain a cozy look to your living room furniture, it is always best to drop them in the corners of the room. But in case, if you want to give focus to an elite look rather than your comfort, it is advisable to put them in a place where it attracts a lot of sight.

Ample spacing for Elite look

    Whenever you position a sofa set, make sure to provide ample space to move around effortlessly. In case you have other seating furniture, put them around the primary sofa to create a setup where people can gather for discussions. Always take care to keep a table in front of the sofa to place magazines, scribble pads and other stuff. Coffee tables are always kept in the center of the room and in front of the sofa. The side tables are placed adjacent to the hand rest of the sofa. More than 2 side tables will make the environment quirky. Putting the focus on a few common objects like TV is highly necessary, hence it is advisable to keep a minimum distance of 12 feet between the sofa and the TV for a comfortable view.

Advisable distance from TV


Don’t forget the 3 feet rule! You must ensure to provide a minimum of 3 feet gap to walk around your place. So set your sofa and other furniture according to the space to maintain ease of movement around your place. In fact, the 3 feet rule applies to all the furniture and appliances at your place. Coming to the rugs and mats, yes they have to be intact and not wobbly. It is better to locate the seating in such a way that your legs rest completely on the rug.


Look out for proper lighting! It is highly desired to position your sofa to pleasant lighting which in turn creates a soothing ambience. Ample amount of light will add beauty to your sofa set environment. The Luz House at Chennai could give a perfect example of how lighting can be useful to position your sofa set. The ambience has been set for an elite look for such an old building.

Now comes the tricky part, if you are planning to buy sectional sofas, then you may be tempted to put them in the corners of the room. But this could be a bad idea! Pull them away from the walls and then they work beautifully. You will get lots of space to play around when it placed away from the wall and in some cases, it could act as room dividers which provide a break between your spaces.

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