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The Complete Guide To Choose The Best Dining Table

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The Complete Guide To Choose The Best Dining Table

The Dining table is not just meant for Food, It is the gathering spot for Family and Friends. It holds a bigger part of your everyday life.

Lonely Monday breakfast?

You have your table to accompany you.

Crowded weekend party?

Your table accommodates you and your people.

Your dining table symbolises your lifestyle, taste and your sense.

Choosing the right dining table may be a nightmare. For people in busy places like Chennai, It may be more terrifying to spend time selecting the furniture. To make your purchase quick and blissful, here is a definitive Guideline to help you.

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Fig.01 : Tobol Wenge Solid Wood 6 Seater Dining Set

The Size

You need two important sizes to decide on the type of furniture you want.

1) The size of your dining room

2) The size of your family or the number of people you wanted to accommodate in your table

You can’t have a table of 9’X9’ in a room of size 10’X12’.

You don’t want to end up with bruises while trying to reach the chairs!

Give a clear space of at least 3’ on all sides of the table to maintain free movement.

If you have a compact dining room of 6’ X 6’, The Albury Solid Wood set may serve as the perfect fit for
your dining.

If you can afford a larger space for dining, The Ellen Solid Wood Set may suit you better.

Always plan for bigger than what you need.

You may expect guests anytime. If you are a family of 3, plan the table for 5. Consider 60cm
eating space for each person to avoid touching of elbows.

If you expect more guests often,

You may also have to push some additional chairs in-between.

Trestle legged tables or thin-legged tables may be a good choice in that case.

If you’d prefer a classic solid thin-legged table,

The Bega Solid Wood Set may suit your requirement with adequate leg-space.

The Naveda Metal Set may be a cheaper alternative to accommodate more guests.

Fig.02 : Ankara Engineered Wood 2 Seater Dining Set

The Shape

The shape of your room greatly influences the shape of your table.

A square room and a rectangular dining table in it is one of the most
awkward situations. It makes your space more tightly packed.

A round table goes as the perfect match for your square room. Round
tables are compact and can be accommodated in tiny spaces.

If you are more prone to bump on your dining table, then go for Ankara Wood Set. It’s Sharp-Edge free!

If you have a rectangular room, opt for Oval tables. It’s easy to reach
food in oval tables and it fills space better than a round table.

The Cober Solid Set may gratify your rectangular dining with its most appealing geometry.

Rectangular tables are best suited for narrow rooms.

For a large crowd rectangular tables serve well. It makes it easier to reach the food on every
part of the table.

Balra solid Set may serve your guests with sufficient space for the etiquette.

Buy Bega Solid Wood 6 Seater Dining Set Online

Fig.03 : Bega Solid Wood 6 Seater Dining Set

The Material

The material of your table greatly speaks about your lifestyle.

If you’d love to be authentic and traditional, choose a classic wooden

Wood, a robust long-lasting material is easy to maintain and gives you a
sense of a natural world indoors.

If you want a modern and contemporary table, go for Glass tables.

It gives a sense of elegance. Glass greatly helps in the distribution of light and
helps you brighten up your food.

Salsa Glass Set Or the Vatican Glass 6 Seater fits into your budget and helps you
maintain the class of your dining.

The colour of your table will have an immense impact on your moods.

Preferably, choose your table colour contrast to the colour of your room.  A Dark table in a light coloured room gives a
sense of change and refreshment.

Choose tables with simple joineries. Simpler the connections, more the

Have a happy shopping selecting your lifetime companion for food.

Tell us how you chose the right match for your dining room!

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